Living our passion for textiles. Since the founding of our family business in Cologne, three generations of the Luiz family have devoted every fibre of their beings to the finest natural materials, traditional handicraft techniques and fine manufactured products, custom-tailored to suit the lifestyle of each era. More than five decades of specialization in our field have enabled a valuable cooperation to thrive, inspired by our dedication to the finest textiles. Kika and Hanns Luiz laid the cornerstone in 1969. They were followed by their son Thomas and his wife Rita, who, like the founders, are committed to the highest quality and perfection. Together with small, specialized weaving mills and our employees, who have mastered nearly forgotten craft techniques, they form a creative alliance that creates unique products for you. Our company has thus established a standard that remains impressive to this day, always offering a bit more than our customers expect.

Since 2004, sisters Anna and Barbara Luiz have picked up the thread and spun it further in a contemporary way. They combine creativity and tradition, exclusivity and casualness to create collections with an unmistakable signature.


Luiz Homecollection

Over 150 exclusive LUIZ fabrics in 850 finely nuanced colourways reveal an exclusive cosmos of sensory impressions: soft cashmere, the finest linen, glove-soft leather and other luxurious materials create an atmosphere full of fascination and wellbeing. 

Discerning people who buy LUIZ products appreciate the loving craftsmanship of our virtuosic seamstresses, as well as the high quality of our precious natural materials and choice designs. In a well-rehearsed interaction between traditional handwork and modern processing technology, unique products are created according to your wishes. All items are delivered promptly – and, if desired, already laundered and hand-ironed.


Luiz Beds

Our luiz beds collection successfully celebrated its premiere in 2017. It currently features nine models in a range of styles that ranges from casually relaxed, through striking lines, to elegant opulence. Over 100 individual fabrics, as well as fine smooth, suede and nubuck leathers, are available to choose from to customize not only the reclining comfort but also the textile outfit of your favourite model. Whether box spring system or classic sprung wood frame, your luiz beds model flexibly adapts to make your wishes come true. 

Comfort is also the maxim for the mattresses and toppers. They support and relieve the sleeper’s body in precisely the right places and ensure optimal overnight regeneration.


Decode by Luiz

In 2014, our decode by LUIZ collection of bed linen was born out of the desire to offer a “prêt-à-porter” line dedicated to all aspects of sleeping, in addition to our custom-made “haute couture” by LUIZ. Rich in variations, yet uncomplicated to choose.

Offering a choice of 15 styles in up to 12 sizes and 16 colourways, decode by LUIZ is a versatile bedding selection. The spectrum includes plain designs with a fine sheen, matte casualness or a relaxed vintage look. Colourful contrasts create accents as delicate zigzags, bordon embroideries or striped passepartouts. Linen, satin, percale and jersey grant every wish from warm comfort to silky coolness. No matter which factors you add to each other – in sum, they are always as personal as they are perfect.


Decode by Luiz



We make our competencies visible at our company’s new location in Cologne-Hürth: peer over our shoulders and experience textile worlds in our showroom and open atelier.