The atelier is the heart of our company. As a family-run manufactory, we are as proficient in traditional craftsmanship as we are in modern manufacturing, and we can accommodate your ideas in every way. With our passion for handpicked materials and attention to detail, the phrase “it can’t be done” simply doesn’t exist when it comes to designing your personal wishes. The experts in our atelier are outstanding artisans and masters of their crafts. They produce your desired textile using traditional handicraft techniques and numerous work steps. The precision and dedication with which our employees from the region practice their craft with us is in a class all its own. 

We advise, show you options and custom make diverse products from 150 different fabrics and over 850 colourways. You choose the style and materiality as well as the closure type and finishing. Exclusive details from monograms to filigree hand stitching give a distinctive, personal touch to your choices. 



Stylistic diversity and craftsmanship belong together. Relying on our know-how of traditional techniques and plenty of experience, we transform the finest materials into individual, custom-made pieces. Our studio combines the trades of tailoring, seamstressy and artistic embroidery. Stitch by stitch, seam by seam, with attention to detail and taking all the time required for perfection.

Twine Buttons

We finish your desired pieces with colour-matched, handmade, twine buttons that perfectly match our unique textile pieces thanks to their delicate woven pattern. Twine buttons are plastic-free, comfortable to the touch and more durable than zippers. With unhurried meticulousness, we manually place each of these charming details exactly where it is meant to be.

Filigree decorative seams

Decorative seams are like aesthetic seals of approval: they testify to ready-to-wear quality. In our atelier, the various stitches are manually crafted using traditional techniques. Hand and knot stitches, ajour or bordon embroideries embellish hems and edges. They add a personal touch and simply look beautiful.

Pulling threads

Textiles that retain their shape are a matter of course for us. The prerequisite for this is a difficult skill: thread-pulling. Centimetre by centimetre, a single thread is extracted from a piece of fabric. Our seamstresses then manually cut the fabric along this narrow gap. A thread-straight cut and precise tailoring ensure that our textiles maintain their correct shape for decades.

Ironed by hand

Experience and ample sensitivity are the ingredients with which we finish fabrics for you. We iron the items perfectly by hand – that’s our LUIZ standard. As an extra service, by request we can prepare your pieces ready for storage in your wardrobe. Just one look at these hand-ironed pieces promises wellbeing.



We shoulder responsibility and we work continually to uphold our quality promise, which we strive to keep and extend under all circumstances. Accordingly, we carefully examine certifications before deciding on a quality seal.

We have been cooperating for many years with selected European partners along the production chain. Like us, these companies act out of conviction and uphold equally high standards for the quality of materials, the workmanship, and the working conditions of their employees.

We also live our sustainable approach locally and are self-sufficient in terms of electricity thanks to the photovoltaic system on our company’s building. In addition to generating power for our manufactory in the Rhineland, we also supply environmentally friendly electricity to 300 surrounding households.






50 Years



The name LUIZ stands for highest-quality products and the love for perfection. Our variety of materials draws its richness from nature. We use handpicked materials that are woven into fine textiles for us at the best weaving mills in Europe. Natural materials such as organic cotton, casual linen, precious cashmere and silk are part of our premium range. The textiles are further processed at our studio in Hürth. Our terry towels and bedding likewise uphold LUIZ’s high standards. In everything we do, we thoughtfully combine sustainability and responsibility.”




Alpaca warms well and is cuddly soft. We use intricately twisted, highest-quality wools with an expressive texture. They are knitted into seductive fabrics in Italy.


The vegan alternative: our “Resort” bedding series with bamboo filling is antibacterial and kind to the skin. Bamboo also provides outstanding sleeping comfort thanks to the balancing effect it exerts on temperature and humidity.



Cotton textiles have a noble shimmer and are fine and robust. We use only the best-quality cotton from especially long staple fibres for our made-to-measure fabrics. All cotton fabrics are “OEKOTEX STANDARD 100”-certified or organically produced.



Cashmere is very soft, lightweight and has a delicate sheen. This noble natural fibre is obtained from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. The most precious cashmere wool has been processed for generations in the Biella region of Italy. This is where our incomparable cashmere fabrics are created.



We obtain precious down and feathers for our “Chalet” bedding series from small farms in the Alpine region. The traditional, species-appropriate keeping of free-ranging flocks of geese on lush natural meadows results in particularly voluminous down, as well as mature feathers of outstanding quality.



Icelandic eiderdown is acknowledged as the world’s most precious down filling. Certified collectors pick the downy feathers by hand. The touch is indescribable! The finely branched structure of the down ensures its inimitable quality. Our luxurious “Suite” bedding series is filled and sewn by hand.



Terry is a highly absorbent cotton fabric with a pleasant feel. The fibre density of our terry products is up to 700 grams per square meter. This makes them simultaneously voluminous and soft to the touch.


Half-linen is pleasant to the touch. The blended fabric of linen and cotton acquires enchanting textures depending on the weave. It does not wrinkle and it drapes softly and fluently. A slight shimmer further enhances its beauty.



Camelhair is lightweight and cuddly. The fluffy hairs transport moisture quickly, while simultaneously providing excellent thermal insulation. This makes the bedding in our “Lodge” series into genuine all-rounders.



Linen appeals to the senses with its casual look and natural appearance. It has a cooling yet dryly warming effect and is particularly durable. Our high-quality linens from Belgium earn the “Masters of Linen” certificate.

Merino wool


Delightfully tactile, warming and noble: wool from merino sheep pampers with its fine yet voluminous fibres. Our woollen fabrics are manufactured for us from the world’s best yarns in northern Italy.

Goatskin suede


Our goatskin suede is as soft as a glove. With its special lightness and impression, it is an unsurpassed elegant material for decorative cushions or luxurious bedspreads.